Planning Blog Content Before Publishing Online

Planning your blog content before publishing it online.

It takes a lot of hard work, patience to create and maintain a blog. Even if you pay huge cash for advertising your blog online or offline, there is still no guarantee that a blog will get an immense traffic. Remember advertising alone only has no full role to play to drive traffic to your blog. As always heard 'content is the king' in the blogging world to divert traffic straight to your blog, besides this, there are also few things you should make note of which I have mentioned below.

Strategy to plan your blog contents.

Before you start a blog you should plan it very carefully, decide what sort of information you are going to include. I would suggest you jot down your ideas on a piece of a sheet so that you will get a better idea and work out the best way to the organization your contents.

Step 1. Decide Content

The contents of the blog are the first thing a blogger must decide on. This is the factor that leads to longevity of a blog. One of the best ways to decide this is by asking yourself, "what is my interest?" or "what am I expertise in?"

Know your niche inside out because understanding the niche is very important. For example, if you are a student of history you can write a blog on this topic and include few articles on World War, Ancient Civilization or any topic of your choice related to history.

But it is not always necessary that you should write an article or short stories. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. If you are an amateur photographer or if you have a collection of photos of your tour, party, birthday then you can easily setup a Photo Blog likewise a Video Blog.

Step 2. Organize Contents

Decide how many words your article is going to contain and divide the content accordingly.

Don't try to put too much of information on a single page or else it will look overcrowded as a consequence your visitors will get turned off.

Give the title to each article that indicates the information it will contain. Remember, this would be an added advantage for your blog visitors to identify articles chronology.

For instance, my blog Blogging Basic is a tutorial blog on Blogger Tricks And Tips, Search Engine Optimization, Blogger Widgets, Blogger Gadgets and many more.

I have planned my blog in this way

What is a Blog?
Why Build a Blog?
Planning Your Blog
Create a Blog (free)
Search Engine Optimization.
Understanding HTML and CSS.
Making Money Blogging and so on.

Look at the continuity of the article title and resemblance to the main theme of my blog. This is how you should organize your content so that you can optimize where each piece of information fits best.

Step 3. Designing Lay Out

Layout design is also another important factor you should take care of before publishing your blog online.

Try making sketches on a sheet, this will help you decide where to put images, icons, banners, videos in relation to your blog's content.

I would suggest you not to put too much of Java scripts, Jquery, CSS, Iframe, etc in your blog's sidebar or elsewhere in your blog. If you fail to apply this technique it will result in slower page load and effects the SEO of your blog.

Once you have completed with layout design create a homepage link, an introductory page which helps visitors navigate back from any point of your blog page.


After you are done with planning your blog don't publish it immediately because there are still a lot more to check before your blog goes online.

In my next post, I will discuss the steps to create a blog, optimize the blog for search engines, give a finishing touch and finally publishing the blog online.

I would suggest you go through this articles too before you publish your blog online.

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