Understanding Web Page, Website, Web (www) & Internet

Difference between Web Page, Website, World Wide Web & Internet

All Web documents are Web Pages.

Collection of Web Pages created by a web developer is Website.

Huge collection of a linked webpage or website is World Wide Web.

Gigantic network of wires connected to different computers spread all around the world is Internet

Internet and websites are widely used these days. The invention of websites and 'net has made works faster and much easier across the world.

It must be remembered that the backbone in setting up Internet is the person working behind the scene, doing all the hard works to lay down the cables under the sea, across mountains, underground and occasionally set up satellites, air balloons to beam Internet connectivity.

Likewise, the bloggers, webmasters, web developers, coders, programmers also put equal efforts to build websites so that it can be distributed across the globe using the Internet.

Hats off guys! I truly appreciate what you do.

Ok! Moving further, I would like to bring it to your knowledge that the Internet and World Wide Web is a different concept.

The internet is not the World-Wide-Web and vice versa. But sometimes people seem to use these two words synonymically. I am sure they might be having a misconception between Net and Web.

Let me clear the confusions step by step. Before understanding the differences between Internet & World-Wide-Web you need to have a closer look at webpage and website.

Webpage vs Website

Web Page

The information on the web is contained in millions of computers documents such as videos, audios, sounds, graphics, images, etc. This web document is called as Web Page(s).

Every Web Page has its own address called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). This Url specifies exactly where a web page is located on the web so that it can be found easily.


A Website is a collection of web pages created by a web developer. These web pages are linked together called as hyperlinks so that it gets a shape of a website.

The Internet

The internet is a gigantic network of wires - may be copper wire, fiber optic cables and occasionally beamed through satellites, cell towers to provide wireless communication to modern-day cellphones and computers - actually buried underground, undersea and connected to different computers spread all around the world. Blogging Basic

If you'll analyze the word properly you'll find the answer to the question in the word itself.

Ok, let me explain. Supposing the word Internet is a combination of two words "Inter" and "Net". Here, the word inter means between and the word net means a network. If the meaning of this two words is joined, what we will get is "network between". The network between what? The answer is Computer.

The network between this two or more computers is established by a copper wire, fiber-optic cables or sometimes by wireless devices and this is what is called as an Internet.

The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is a giant collection of linked folders, files, and documents called as web pages. Web pages are stored in special computers called as web servers and are accessible around the world using a computer and a web browser.

These web pages contain things like text, images, audios, videos, etc. These web pages groups together to form different kinds of website.

So, to sum up, the internet is a wire establishing a connection between two or more computers and the World-Wide-Web is a collection of linked web pages accessible through the internet.

To answer in one-liner the World Wide Web is a collection of web pages and the Internet is a connection of computers.

Differences between internet & world wide web (WWW)

  • The internet is a globally interconnected network of computing devices. World Wide Web is a software service running on the computer.
  • Internet supports a wide variety of interactions and communications between its devices. World Wide Web is a subset of the Internet.
  • Origin of Internet dates back to 1969 and World Wide Web dates its origin back to 1993.
  • Internet was initially known as ARPANET. World  Wide Web was first known as NSFnet.
  • Internet comprises of network of computers, copper wires fiber optic cables and wireless networks. World Wide Web comprises of files folders and documents stored in special computers.
  • The internet is governed by Internet Protocol. World Wide Web is governed by hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).
  • The internet is mainly hardware in nature. World Wide Web is basically software in nature.

WWW & Internet interdependence

Internet & WWW is the greatest gift of technology to this era in which different websites are flourishing and making things faster and easier. It has enhanced the connectivity of people across the globe.  On the other hand, WWW which exists in presence of the internet has made our works simpler by providing all possible pieces of information.

To get access to any particular information the users are directed to a webpage of a website. To perform this task by the device internet connection is required. It is the network that connects the devices enabling those devices to perform the task commanded by the user.

Broadbands, wifies are used for internet connection and browsers like chrome, internet explorer, firefox etc are used for accessing websites.

Though these terms are not same, it has contributed immensely to the development of mankind globally.

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